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Where to begin? It has been months since I last wrote. Money is a great motivator, and as I saw the notification pop up on my phone advising me that I had just paid for another year’s subscription to WordPress for my site, I decided I had better put my fingers to the keyboard and make use of it!

We can all become sidetracked and find ourselves going off course. It happens to my 10 year old a thousand times a day. She can literally forget what I have asked her to do before I have finished my sentence where I am asking her to do the thing in question. This can be down to a million reasons from being distracted by the cat as it does an impression of a circus contortionist whilst grooming itself; to getting lost in a daydream where she is riding at the Olympics.

It doesn’t help to get angry with ourselves for not managing to stay focussed on the task in hand. It can be incredibly difficult when there are so many things begging for our attention especially in this digital world we live in. How many times have you picked up your phone to get something done, such as writing an email, or looking up a specific piece of information you may need to get another job finished, only to find that 15 minutes later you are scrolling through a social media feed looking at other people’s lives and effectively not living yours? I know I’m guilty.

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The issue we face is being motivated enough to keep locked on to our target and keep moving closer to our goals. I mentioned before that money is a great one for creating movement. How else does a person who hates their job get out of bed every morning to go to an office that smells funny; to be sat next to Karen who is going to moan about her personal problems ad infinitum; whilst writing reports on sales of something they wouldn’t give away to a homeless person for fear of them turning their nose up at it. It’s the knowledge that if they don’t go there, they won’t have a job and won’t be able to pay their bills.

Ironically the same key motivator is what gets the super wealthy guy out of his 4 poster in the mornings to go and drive his flashy sports car into the city where he attends luxurious coffee meetings to discuss the next big thing in the business pipeline with his investors. Money may be the root of all evil, but it is also what makes us go.

It doesn’t make a person shallow to be driven to work better, smarter or harder when tempted with a larger monetary reward. That’s normal and sensible. As long as it is being weighed up carefully against the quality of the time left to enjoy that reward.

I’d love to say that it’s love that makes the world go round, but I’m afraid I just don’t buy it. To a large extent, money is what keeps us all going. A neccessary evil then.There’s no need to feel guilty about your reason for springing into action being related to money. It is after all the fuel for our engines. Unless you are that monk who sold his Ferrari. Monks are a little different in that respect.

I recently read Jay Shetty’s Think Like A Monk which I really enjoyed, and can recommend. We can only imagine what it must be like to wake each morning without the stress of having to ensure we have paid all our bills, and balanced our earnings versus our expenditure. Or we could think back to when we were kids and none of that stuff was our problem.

But for the majority, the reality is that we are motivated to work for monetary gain to either be able to sustain a way of life, or improve the current situation. We are all in this boat, yet why do we feel so awkward about owning up to it? We’re taught as children that we’re not supposed to talk about money… Why is that? I don’t recall that one being explained to me at any point? We tend to measure an individual’s success by how much they’re worth; the car they drive; the house they live in, but we’re not allowed to ask them how they did it.

When I see something done by somebody else that I think looks really cool, and I’d like to give it a go, the first thing I ask is: “Can you show me how you did that?” And then I might really ask them to break it down into bite-sized chunks so that I can figure it out step by step to create the same result. Next, I’ll practise it again and again until I can perfect it to the best of my abilities, and then once I’ve really grasped it, I’ll likely want to show it to someone else so that they can have a go at doing the same thing. That way I get to recycle the enjoyment and experience it a second time as I watch a new person discovering how cool it is to be able to master this new thing.

Imagine if it were like that with super wealthy people. Imagine if you could just ask them to show you how so you could also have a go. It might be that you wouldn’t be prepared to travel the same road that they have to reach that destination. But if it were okay to ask anyone, you could have enough people to show you that you could find a way that worked and still allowed you to sleep at night.

Perhaps the danger would be that we could all end up being as wealthy as each other and then the class walls would break down. That would never do. The next thing you’d know, there would be ordinary people flooding the internet with images of them doing nothing and making a living from it…

The point I want to make here is really that there is no shame in being motivated by money. Whilst the old saying goes:

Money can’t buy you happiness.

a more accurate one goes:

Money can’t buy you happiness, but poverty can’t buy you anything!

So as we approach month end of what is most certainly the longest month of the year for us all, pat yourself on the back for being hungry enough for success, that you’ve buckled down and worked your arse off these past 4 weeks. The fruits of your labour will undoubtedly be starting to grow, ready for you to enjoy in the not too distant future.

And if you haven’t had to work your fingers to the bone to get through January 2022 – be sure to share your secret with someone – preferably me!

One thought on “Money Talks

  1. Hi,
    I worked after “money” and so called happiness, and It just drains your soul…I retired early to work with adults with disabilities, and I make 1/2 what i used to make, yet I’m more fulfilled and Joy if I can say, than making the bucks…thanks for the post.


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